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Meet Dr. Milap Jolapara

Dr. Milap Jolapara, MD Skin & VD, is the founder of SPARSH, the dermatology clinic located in the prime area of Ahmedabad. After completing his MBBS from NHL Municipal College and MD Skin & VD from VS General Hospital in Ahmedabad, Dr. Jolapara has been driving his own practice for over more than 15 years. Dr. Jolapara has treated several patients and is renowned for his excellence in the field of skin and hair care treatments. He specializes in skin diseases and is one of the few doctors in the state with well-equipped instruments to treat patients of all skin types and provide quick, the least painful and quality-focused treatments and remedies. He has vast base of patient clientele from different states and countries.

Passionate about academics, he actively participates in conferences in India and around the world. He has presented over 15 research papers at national and at international levels. Dr. Jolapara’s approach is result oriented and he focuses on taking utmost care of his patients at all times. The treatment offered by him provides a fulfilling experience at both the medical as well as an aesthetic level. The doctor is committed towards healing and suggests the best kind of treatment for each patient.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most influential skin care clinic in the nation

At SPARSH, we aspire to create state-of-the-art skin and hair care centre. We work with the vision to provide unparalleled service to the customers through our medical excellence. Dr. Milap Jolapara envisions the following goals for the betterment of the patient as well as the clinic:

  • We welcome change and continually search for better and more effective treatments.
  • The clinic is determined to promote health, wellness, beauty, and mankind at an affordable cost.
  • To provide the best aesthetic and a functional outcome.
  • Establish SPARSH – Skin Clinic as one of the premier skin and hair care centres.
  • SPARSH desires to be best at the forefront and aims to embrace the inner and outer beauty of the patient.

Our Mission

To deliver world-class skin and hair care to our patients

Your skin is a reflection of the health of your body. At SPARSH, we endeavour to provide the best skin care possible. What works for one person may not work for another. Hence, Dr. Milap Jolapara has set forth the following objectives:

  • To achieve the fastest, least painful recovery possible.
  • To integrate the practice of dermatology and cosmetology with the use of the cutting edge technologies.
  • To attain the highest professional standards, ethics, and responsibilities.
  • To contribute to the education in dermatology of dermatologists, specialist trainees, medical students, general practitioners, other healthcare professionals and the community.
  • Use the latest and the safest technology to deliver world-class quality for our patients at an affordable cost.

SPARSH Skin Care Clinic addresses a variety of skin and hair concerns with a special focus on skin diseases. Established on April 10, 2006, SPARSH takes care of the cosmetic concerns which are dealt with using the latest technology in the field of dermatology. Our team of trained dermatologists take utmost care in treating every patient. With you as our primary focus, we develop a customized treatment plan that will get you visible results. We provide better results with well-studied assessments on the basis of a complete skin analysis and believe in direct communication between the dermatologist and the patient.

Our experienced dermatologists are specialists in treating acne, tinea infections, hair loss, vitiligo and chronic skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema and atopic dermatitis.

SPARSH uses high-tech medical grade equipment to cater to specific cosmetic treatments as per the Indian skin types. Services like acne scar treatment, laser hair removal, removal of warts, mole and skin tags and chemical peels are provided making you stay younger, confident and healthier.

The bride and groom packages offered at SPARSH are medical graded procedures done to make you look your best on your D-day.

Our treatments are quick, safe & effective and it is our goal to make these treatments affordable and available to everyone. So whether you’re looking to clear your skin, be spot and wrinkle free, get healthier hair or just keep your skin looking and feeling its very best, SPARSH will have the perfect treatment for you.

Your comfort is our priority

At Sparsh, we make sure that each patient gets individual attention. Each case is dealt with separately. A customized treatment plan and a skin care regiment are hence recommended. Patient care is our number one priority.

Dr. Milap Jolapara
founder of SPARSH MD Skin & VD