Cosmetology Service

Our team and your skin - best buddies!

Diode Laser Hair Reduction

Diode laser hair reduction is a gold standard procedure recommended for removal of unwanted hairs. An advanced US-FDA approved Diode laser system (Milesman) at SPARSH provide safe, effective and painless solution for unwanted hairs.

Micro-needling radio-frequency (MNRF)

MNRF combines the traditional micro-niddling procedure (Dermaroller) with the element of radio frequency energy. SPARSH possess the best in brand CELLINA MNRF system.


Subscision is used to break fibrotic strands in depressed scars that are tethering the scar to underline tissue. At SPARSH Subscision is done with radiofrequency caurterization, causing no post-procedure hematoma, thus results achieved are far better then conventional method.


Matrix is a non-invasive treatment for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction and skin tightening. It even cause reduction of fine pores. It is much safer then laser with minimal downtime.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

PRP is an injectable treatment done by using patient's own blood. It is indicated for hair disorder, atrophic skin, vitiligo treatment and skin tightening. SPARSH assures highest quality of PRP separation and hence high quality results.

Chemical Peeling

Chemical peelling are indicated for facial rejovination and facial glow to make your skin young and fresh. SPARSH provides different types of peels for specific skin types and conditions.

Yellow Peeling

Skin whitening, acme pigmentation, mild wrinkles and skin lexity are the indications for Yellow peeling. It is an ideal office procedure with short recovery period of 3 to 5 days.

Radiofrequency Cautery

Unwanted growth on the skin not only looks unsighty but makes us look unattractive. At SPARSH, US-FDA approved radiofrequency cautery - ELLMAN allows smooth, virtually blood less procedure with not residual scaring.

Vitiligo Surgery

Treatment of Vitiligo is subjective to its nature, that is localized/wide spread or progressive/stable. SPARSH provides both narrowband UVB (1st line of treatment) and autologous melanocyte transplantation (surgical management) for Vitiligo.

Vaginal Tightening

The experiences like vaginal laxity, stress urinary incontinence, loss of vaginal lubrication and erotic sensation can impact women's quality of life; especially after child-bearing. But now there is non-invasive procedure available at SPARSH that helps.

Dr. Milap Jolapara
founder of SPARSH MD Skin & VD